The BABY Zcode Doges are being born EXPRESS

Zcode doge are unique, handmade, and randomly generated 3D NFT Social Avatars.

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TIRED OF fly-by-night NFT cash grab SCAMS that are based on nothing but thin air, which then fail quickly after the launch leaving their buyers with a bag of worthless tokens?

Get into NFT project based on REAL UTILITY and REAL COMMUNITY. Zcode has been producing industry-standard sports predicton tools since 1999.

No matter whether you live and breathe crypto or have never held Bitcoin in your life, there is a HUGE opportunity to get onboard the new NFT train!

Zcode Doge VIP Prelaunch 10th JULY 2022
at 7 AM EST

Join Zcode VIP Club or Get Whitelisted on Discord for priority access to presale


Get ready for 10th JULY 2022 at 7 AM EST for the launch of the Zcode Doge Presale! where the entire collection will be available and ready to be minted. And, three good reasons to be among the first are:

The earlier you buy the less you will pay (Prices are going up 2x when 50% of NFTs are sold and 2X more when 75% are sold. Hurry up to get early bird low price)

One top rarity Zcode Doge will be given randomly to the first 55% buying a Zcode Doge

PRESALE is only available to our ZCode VIP members and Whitelisted Discord followers.

Invite your friends using an affiliate link to get a chance to win a Platinum Zcode Doge Everything will disappear quickly, so mark this date in your diaries! EARLIER YOU BUY - CHEAPER YOU PAY. THE EARLY BIRD CATCHES THE Zcode Doge!   Don’t miss out. Over 46,000 subscribers are on our waiting list on Telegram!

Get a chance to win a Platinum Zcode Doge.

Invite your friends using an affiliate link to get a chance to win a Platinum Zcode Doge. Some minor rules are :

For each legitimate subscriber to the Whitelist coming from your link, you will get one ticket giving you a chance to gain 1 of our 3 Platinum Zcode Doge.

There will be three winners, announced after the REVEAL DAY. Don’t miss the chance, shill it now on Twitter, Discord, Tik Tok and all your social networks!


During the last years the NFT community changed a lot. The era of one-day-wonder scam NFT launches is over, it’s time for real NFT projects based on real utility to take over the market.

This is a new era of 3d collections, WEB 3.0 and metaverses has arrived. Time has changed so did the tools.

Are you ready to embrace the future world of crypto metaverses with us? Our NFT is your first step, a ticket into this amazing new world. Our NFT is for those who don't want to miss the departing NFT train, to those who want to get into the NFT community without big financial investments and risks.

Zcode doge are unique, handmade, and randomly generated 3D NFT Social Avatars. Some appear normal. Some look weird. Some are just damn cool! Maybe some even look familiar! No two of them are identical. Each Doge is unique and algorithmically generated from over 150 possible traits, including expression, headwear, clothing, and more. All doges are dope, but some are rarer than others.

horizontal image

The doges are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. When you buy a rare Zcode Doge, you’re not simply buying an avatar or a probably-rare piece of art. You are gaining VIP membership access to a club whose benefits and offerings will increase over time. Your Zcode Doge can serve as your digital identity key, and open digital doors for you.


Doge is a fun and popular character well known in the crypto world.

Doge-related NFTs usually succeed with a huge trade volume. For example The Doge Pound has a total epic volume of 25,790.57 Matic (~ $83,494, 351 USD), dogedash has volume of 223.51 Matic, Doge Pound Puppies 3,021.46 Matic

We don't want to reinvent the wheel and go with a proven concept however instead of overused pixel art we went with a new Metaverse-style VOXEL art.

Our Doge idea might not be super original but we did not want to go lazy route by doing a clone of Crypto punks, Bored Ape club, and other popular collections that were copied a million times over.

Why can’t I just take a screenshot of the NFT or right-click and save the JPG for free???

That’s the most common question :) Yes, you can technically right-click and save. It's the same image after all – but it doesn't grant you the legal rights or the legit feeling of owning that NFT. It's not yours. You DON’T own it. You merely own a copy.

Why would anyone pay millions for NFT art?

Why would you pay $35,000 for a Rolex, when you can get a knockoff for $350? Or perhaps more importantly, why do knockoffs exist at all? Because they are STATUS symbols.

People buy and collect valuable items because they want it to say something about themselves. Ownership of different NFTs can accomplish that. In an analog world, we buy houses, fancy cars, and expensive watches in order to project our status. In a digital world, no one cares about your car. But your avatar can project value, simply by the virtue of it being part of a limited edition of valuable NFTs. You can also resell your NFTs on Opensea market to make money on their growing value.


Do people really buy NFTs???

Absolutely, and PLENTY of them! People are paying insane amounts for NFTs these days!

Beeple – EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS was sold for incredible $69.3m
Beeple – Human One Sold for $28.9m
CryptoPunk 4156 Sold for 2,500 ETH ($10.2m)

Other top NFT sales throughout 2021 include the $7m purchase of ‘Right-click and Save As guy‘ by prominent collector ‘CozomoMedici’, a $6.6m ‘Zombie’ CryptoPunk sale and the highly publicised $6.4m purchase of Ross Ulbricht’s debut NFT ‘Persistence’.

And this is only the beginning! Take a look at Google trends, it is growing exponentially - the sky is the limit!

NFTs market reached $22bn in 2021 and it's just the start. Get on board before it's too late.


Grimes, Tom Brady and Eminem have jumped onto the NFT bandwagon, releasing unique pieces of recognition, artwork and even music tracks as securitized NFTs. Further more, big brands are getting into the game with companies like Taco Bell, Coca Cola, Pizza Hut and Pringles coming out with their own NFTs. Even Visa bought an NFT for $150,000 this year and Adidas forked over another $156,000 for a digital piece of art!

Count me in!
How do I get my NFT?
I am new to this


Download and install Ethereum compatible wallet, for e.g. Metamask, which is suitable for smartphones and desktops.

Deposit some ETH into your wallet. You can buy Ethereum (world's second largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin) on popular exchanges such as Binance, Bittrex, Coinbase using credit card or bank wire.

Go to Zcode NFT on minting day. Decide if you want to participate in Gold NFT lottery or get guaranteed rare NFTs. The rare NFTs are more expensive but they include guaranteed rewards such as VIP memberships and Masternoding program bonuses!

Choose the amount of tokens you want to purchase. Remember, the maximum is 10 per user.

Click on 'Mint' button and confirm the transaction. On your desktop, the Metamask extension will pop up with the confirmation message. Also, you need to have some extra ETH to proceed with the transaction, since you will will be paying gas fees* to miners.

Go to Log in with the Metamask wallet and check your freshly minted NFTs on the profile page. After the reveal day, the NFT will be revealed and you will find out which NFT you received.

Share your NFTs on Discord, Twitter or any other social media network to increase the value of your NFTs.

You can hold your NFTs to increase the value, claim your VIP rewards or sell it on Opensea market - the choice is yours! CLICK TO SEE OUR STEP BY STEP GUIDE (2 mins work)
*Gas fees do not depend on us but the network. We don't collect any money from this. Gas fees are usually less during the weekends and off-business hours (at night)

Download an easy


gold eg nft template


Your key to NFT world : Zcode NFT is based on REAL utility and community since 1999 Great holding and reselling value Only 1000 Gold NFTs, minted by luck in a lottery with a chance to win Platinum and Legendary

gold eg nft template


Medium rarity, only 40 NFTs! Outstanding rewards 3 months Zcode VIP membership worth 600 USD & 100 USD yield nodes bonus with 150% compounding APY* Great reselling value on Opensea Future Zcode Token Airdrop Bonuses

gold eg nft template


Very rare 10 NFT total, Guaranteed rewards 12 months Zcode VIP membership worth 2300 USD & 500 USD yield nodes bonus with 150% compounding APY* Future Zcode Token Airdrop Bonuses Outstanding reselling value on Opensea


Passive Income

60% of all Opensea royalties will be sent back to active holders' wallets

Giveaway Airdrops

Holders of the first-gen series#1 NFTs will receive giveaways and airdrops of the next-gen series#2 and series#3 NFT collections as a reward for their loyalty and support

Staking & Pools

Priority access to the staking and private pools, as well as the launch of Zcode Coin

Zcode Utility and Products

Zcode team (Zlab) has been developing sports prediction software and tools since 1999. You can check out most of our current and upcoming products and tools, such as famous Line reversals Tool, Zlive bot, Scores Predictor, Soccer Buddy, Sports Simulator and many more.


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  • 10 %
  • 20 %
  • 30 %
  • 40%
  • 50 %
  • 60 %
  • 70 %
  • 80 %
  • 90 %
  • 100 %

VIP Presale starts

The main goal is to make sure your investment and our mint are as successful as possible, to achieve all of our goals.On pre-sale, you can mint up to 500 NFTs at the lowest price and on Public Sale, you can mint the remaining 500 NFTs.

Public mint is LIVE on 7am EST

You can now mint the remaining 500 NFTs The price of the remaining NFTs is increased 2x when 50% is sold and 2x more when 75% is sold. Early bird gets the best price Marketing starts and listing on popular sites like a rarity tools Coingecko & Coinmarketcap.

20% - NFT Reveal Event

NFT sales are LIVE on Opensea Marketing campaigns and partnerships. Secondary market massive sales listing on popular crypto NFT sites. And Affiliate contest prize draw using Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function).

30% - VIP rewards are offered

NFT HOLDERs rewards are paid (VIP memberships, Masternoding bonuses) with Giveaways & Airdrops


Baby Doge Launch Generation 2 NFT collection is launched 3000 new NFTs are released. And VIP launch to Gen1 holders.

50% - New APPs development

We already developed several successful Zcode apps such as the ZLIVE live betting bot, Scores predictor and Line Reversals apps. We will expand the app network with a new Soccer Buddy App.


Pixel doge collection is launched 5000 new NFTs are released VIP launch to Gen1 and Gen2 holders, Giveaways & Airdrops.

70% - NFT Spotter development

A fully automated NFT spotter tool will let you scan and research all upcoming and existing NFT projects on the market and spot potential gems with high-profit potential.

80% - Charity Program

10% of the royalty funds collected on Opensea after launch sales will be used to form the kids sports donation fund to support young sports teams and individuals

90% - Metaverses integration

Avatars are integrated to popular metaverses which ensures further growth in value.


Creation of ZCODE COIN as a new cryptocurrency. Zcode crypto will allow new rewards and benefits to the NFT holders, increasing at the same time Metaverse Impact.

Why get Zcode NFT?


While 98.6% of other NFT launches are pure scams and are based on nothing but empty promises like “growing communities, creating games and metaverses” our NFT is based on A REAL existing product - Zcode sports prediction system which is an industry standard since 1999.


You are not alone! While most other NFT launches buy fake followers, our Zcode VIP community is REAL and cannot be faked. You can login to Zcode VIP members area and join our VIP WALL where experts and followers are posting winning sports picks and predictions.


Full OpenSea and Rarity compatibility along with other platforms and NFT wallets. If you are lucky and mint one of our rare NFT you can 2x, 5x, maybe even 10x the value of your investment within a few days. You can resell your NFTs on Opensea and make solid profits.


Our Zcode NFT smart contract is fully audited by several industry leading crypto experts and auditors.


All our Zcode system picks and systems are fully verified by 3rd part monitoring. Our NFT smart contract Code Verified - View in

What is NFT? I'm new to this

Did you know that Right now thousands of people make millions of dollars buying and selling NFTs! NFT seem complicated but the concept is simple. Basically, you are buying verified ownership of a digital item like art or music. Just like when you buy a car you get a title or when you buy a house you get a deed. Buying NFT is like buying a contract that proves you OWN that item. It's unique and it only belongs to you. It's not much different from traditional art collecting except it's all digital.

Is it for REAL???

Owning NFT is similar to owning a traditional sports cards collection with unique and limited amount of rare cards. The first sports card to sell for one million dollars was a T206 Honus Wagner which went for $1,265,000 at auction back in 2000. As of 2022 the industry brings in over one billion dollars annually for manufacturers and retailers.


Zcode System loves sports and the creators of the company were all impacted by various sports from an early age. That is why Zcode System is giving back and donating a variety of items to some very lucky youth clubs and sports schools.

This is NOT an NFT scam with the typical empty promises such as “Donate to save penguines or apes”... It’s a REAL project that we've been working on for several years! Check our case studies to see the projects we have already completed.

Our all-new charity program 'Zcode System giving back to Sports' gives us the chance to support kids clubs and sports schools in different countries. Our aim is to provide these organizations with the necessary equipment needed to be successful.


REAL COMMUNITY - You are not alone! We don’t hide behind anonymous avatars. While most other NFT launches buy fake followers, our Zcode VIP community is REAL and cannot be faked. You can log in to the Zcode VIP members area and join our VIP WALL where experts and followers are posting winning sports picks and predictions. We are a MULTI LANGUAGE Community.






Get Whitelisted

Some common questions
were often asked

What is your smart contract address ?

How can I mint a NFT?

You have to enter in one of our VIP pre-sale or public sale and mint it in our website

How to purchase a NFT?

The easiest way is to install a MetaMask ( extension in your chrome browser and link your crypto wallet to our website. Ensure you have enough Matic in your wallet to cover the cost of a NFT plus the associated gas fees. For example 0.08 MATIC for NFT + 0.02 MATIC for gas. Approve the desired transaction on MetaMask and you are all set.

How many NFTs can I mint?

On pre-sale you can mint up to 10 NFTs per user

Do I get full rights on my NFT?

Absolutely, purchasers get full title and all rights and interests without restriction, You will be the sole owner of the nft and it is absolutely 1/1 & Secured on ERC-72 token.

Why is the minting cost so low ?

Many new projects fixed their minting price at more than 0.5 Matic however we want to pass the benefit of joining us to the early members of the Zcode VIP club by keeping the minting price as low as possible. Please note that when minting you will also pay the Matic gas fee. We try to bring the gas fees as low as possible, usually in the range $35 to $85

Why is Zcode NFT Doge related?

MDoge is a fun and popular character well known in the crypto world. Doge-related NFTs usually succeed with a huge volume. For example The Doge Pound has a total epic volume of 25,790.57 Matic, dogedash has volume of 223.51 Matic, Doge Pound Puppies 3,021.46 Matic We don't want to reinvent the wheel and go with a proven concept. Our Doge idea might not be super original but we did not want to go lazy route by doing a clone of Crypto punks, Bored Ape club and other popular collections that were copied million times over.

How to get priority access to VIP presale?

You can become Zcode VIP member or get whitelisted on Discord for priority access to VIP presale

Is your Zcode community REAL?

While most of the other NFT launches buy fake twitter followers and use other scammy tricks to boost their community size, Zcode system is based on a REAL community, which was developed around our sports betting tools during the last 12 years. We didn’t use twitter or discord much in the past but our Telegram community is 46,000 strong and our VIP members private community is over 1000. You can login to the members area and verify it yourelf

How do I know that giveaways are fair?

We'll use Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function), a provably-fair and verifiable source of randomness designed for smart contracts during the draw to identify winners fairly

What if I'm buying NFTs for the first time?

It’s easy to join the NFT game. All you have to do is download the Metamask extension on the browser of your choice and load it with Matic through one of the available services (Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, etc). Once your wallet is loaded, simply click “MINT” to connect your crypto-wallet and confirm the transaction.

Where does my Doge go after I buy it?

Once your NFT is in your metamask wallet, to make it visible, just add a new token and copy our smart Contract address -
{Smart contract address: 1dasd51a5s61a5dsasda}

What can I do with my Doge NFT?

Under a non-exclusive license, you are allowed to do whatever you want with them. You can hold them and expect the price increase, you can sell them on open market such as Opensea, you can claim your rewards and benefits with Platinum and Legendary NFTs

How to Win free NFTs in airdrops & giveaways

Don’t miss your chance to win free NFTs! Join the exclusive Legendary NFT drop and win epic prizes. Check our social media pages for more details. More special events and rewards are coming so stay tuned!

Can I trade my NFTs?

Yes of course, Our NFTs have a Full OpenSea and Rarity compatibility along with other platforms and NFT wallets.You can sell your NFTs any time or hold them and expect the value to grow over time.

Can I lose money on NFT?

Lets be honest, like they say "Nothing is guaranteed in life except death and taxes". Consider NFTs like investing in stocks. The stock price can rise a lot, double, triple and even 10x in price. Or they can go to zero if the company is not doing so well in future. Use usual common sense and invest only what you can afford to lose.

Will you sell all NFTs?

1000 NFTs will be offered. 50 NFT will be held by developers for future airdrops and bonuses.

What is Masternoding bonus?

Masternoding bonus is for your Masternoding staking program, average 150% compounding APY last year but remember past results don’t guarantee future success. Invest wisely. Full disclosure - we use affiliate link for Masternoding. The bonus is paid to your Masternoding BTC wallet after the reveal day. Contact our support to claim it.

How to buy crypto like ethereum and bitcoin with credit card?

Yes you can easily Buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies using services like MoonPay and other services.
MoonPay offers the fastest way to buy and sell crypto securely. Buy crypto with credit card or bank transfers. It's fast, simple, and secure.
You can also directly purchase Bitcoin with credit card or debit card on Binance. They offer the best route to buy Bitcoin using Visa or MasterCard. You can purchase it directly from another individual in person or over the web on your own terms. Go to Binance P2P exchange to buy Bitcoin locally